Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Most Expensive Suburbs to Live In

ATHERTON selected as the most expensive suburb to live in...
Source: Business Week
Suburban Excess
To many, the suburbs represent a chance to escape expensive city living. But that all depends on which suburb you choose. While you might not spend as much on taxis or parking, many suburbs can be just as expensive as the city you left, if not more expensive — especially if you want Wisteria Lane-like homes, strong schools, excellent parks and recreation departments and carefully mowed lawns. The recession has only made things harder as residents struggle to pay mortgages in the face of job losses and shrinking stock portfolios.

BusinessWeek worked with data analytics firm OnBoard to identify the suburbs in each state where expenses such as mortgage and utility payments, clothing, food and beverages, property taxes, health care and home prices were the highest. Here are the suburbs that made the list in the 10 most populous states.

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