Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meridian 2006 Chardonnay, California

Meridian Chardonnay is grown in the coolest regions of Santa Barbara County where classic, sought-after characteristics are typical. About half of this wine comes from our coolest vineyard, White Hills, so named for its rolling sand dunes. The soil keeps vigor in check so that yield is not huge, but fruit intensity is quite the opposite. The pineapple, floral, citrus and apple aromas typical of Santa Barbara County occur in abundance in the White Hills Chardonnay.

The other Santa Barbara County Chardonnays in the blend are from the Santa Maria Valley and the cool Los Alamos area to the south. They contribute floral, grapefruit and textural components to the blend. Designed to show off this lush fruit, the oak was kept to a minimum.

Exotic aromas mingle pleasingly in this wine and include notes of fresh cut flowers, lychee, vanilla and nutmeg. A dash of toasted almond brings about an intriguing mid-note. This is not a shy Chardonnay. On the palate expect flavors of pineapple, lime and grapefruit essence with a touch of oak, followed by a lengthy finish. Appellation Santa Barbara County

I feel like the recession has had some effect on all of us. Some are entertaining less, the trips are shorter, or more local, some are shopping in their own closets for long-ago purchases that may still fit and seem approprite.

Some of my friends are downright struggling; with the mortgage payment, the kids' expensive school and extracuricular activities, the tickets to games and plays they have "always" gone to...choices they must make and explanations they must proffer to their friends, colleagues and co-conspiriors. YIKES! It's not easy to observe.

I've been in recession mode for YEARS. My son, Andrew, dubbed my house wine "Windsor Kool-Aide" because we always had copious amounts of it chilled and ready to go here on Windsor Way. It is actually non-vintage Chardonnay from Meridian Vineyards coastal vineyard on the Central Coast of California, very tasty wine from near the Santa Barbara Coast.

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