Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Future of the "Wine Room"

When we Agents go on Tour, we visit multi-million dollar homes with amenities galore! One room that stands out in the newer homes is the "Wine Room". Traditionally this room is outfitted with custom shelves for bottles and cases of wine, is temperature controlled and is usually located in the lower level of the home.

I have often wondered whether anyone actually drinks wine in the wine room. Personally, I would probably elect to take it upstairs to enjoy it, where the chairs are more comfortable and the cooking is close by.

My friend, Buff Giurlani, and a couple of other local business men have now opened a facility for storing both one's wine and fine automobiles -- Autovino. Visit their site at

Perhaps this will mark an end to the necessity or obligation for the builder/developer to build a wine room at all.

Here is a bit about Autovino from their website --

If you are a collector of wines for long term appreciation or for your own enjoyment and your personal cellar is close to capacity Autovino provides the optimum environment for storing and aging your collection in our state of the art wine storage department.

Temperature and humidity control.

Our wine storage section features its own dedicated temperature and humidity control system to assure your wine is kept in optimum cellar conditions.

Secure access.

AutoVino provides 24-hour-a-day access to the wine storage area through an advanced key-pad security system.

Professional Security.

Trained security personnel monitor the building inside and out around the clock.

Intrusion Detection.

We employ the most advanced motion detection and laser technology throughout the facility to instantly identify any intrusions. In the event of any security breach, the system emits a piercing alarm and automatically notifies security, AutoVino management, and the police via a separate cell phone system in case phone lines are severed.

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